Behavioural interpretation, threat and risk assessment, influence and motivation, human intelligence, specialist interviewing, crisis communication, operational risk assessment.


We recognise that the underlying element for many industries hinges on persuasive human interaction and behavioural interpretation. The key to success is accurately deciphering the client, your employees and possessing the art of influence. We value the individual needs of each client and tailor our services accordingly.


We provide a unique fusion of scientific psychological knowledge with practical operational experience to ensure a professional, comprehensive service, based on real-world experience. Client customisation enables us to develop and deliver realistic focused solutions for our clients.

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Our Customised Products

The skill of deciphering people. How quickly can you assess and understand people ? Know yourself to better interact with others. How important are initial impressions and how good are you at building rapport ?

Interpreting People Skills Training

The skill of correctly identifying deception. How to deal with deceptive behaviour. Do you know how to influence behaviour ? Can you identify personality traits and how they interact with influence?

Detecting Deception and Influencing Behaviour