Ponies, Planes, and the Tree of Knowledge – Longreach

6 June 2016

Yesterday we arrived in Longreach, but on the way we stopped in a little town that is called Barcaldine. At Barcaldine we stopped at the Tree of Knowledge outside the train station. The Tree of Knowledge is famous because a group of shearers had a meeting under it over 120 years ago. They had the meeting because the farmers did not give safe places to work or enough money.


Then we drove on to Longreach. Today we met 1 steer ,1 bull ,4 dogs and 3 horses at the Stockman’s Hall of Fame. At the Hall of Fame, they had a show. My favourite part about the show was when the man had his horse on the ground while he checked his horse’s hooves.


After the show we went to the QANTAS Museum. We saw and sat in an old plane.

IMG_9248IMG_9241 IMG_9245       IMG_9185 2

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