The Age of Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Stampede.

28 June

Yesterday we saw the Age of Dinosaurs. If you are wondering what the Age of Dinosaur is, it is where they have dug up bones of 3 dinosaurs from 95 million years ago. The names of the dinosaurs are Elliot (after the man who found him), Matilda and famous Banjo.

IMG_9313 IMG_9310

These dinosaurs are in Winton.

IMG_9349 IMG_9350 IMG_9346 IMG_9314

Then we wandered off to see a Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry. Heres a little story. A long time ago, about 95 million years ago, when the middle of Queensland was a tropical humid rainforest, there were 2 different types of dinosaur drinking at the edge of a big waterhole.

IMG_9402 IMG_9400 IMG_9392 IMG_9383

One type was the size of a chicken and the bigger ones were the size of a horse. Then a big scary meat eating dinosaur ruined their drink by charged down to the water, scaring all the smaller dinosaurs away. There are 3330 footprints in the mud. The drive out the Lark Quarry was very long and boring except when an emu passed through.

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