Bitter Springs and Katherine Gorge 3rd July


On the way to Katherine Gorge, we stopped for a dip at Bitter Springs.

Bitter Springs is a creek that has come from underground so the water is really warm. The water was really clear and astonishingly beautiful, but I was still a little scared of tree stumps in the water because I banged my knee on one. We floated down the creek 4 times on pool noodles. It was relaxing.

IMG_9644 IMG_9642 IMG_9639 IMG_9640 IMG_9622 IMG_9648IMG_9646IMG_9652

Then we went on to Katherine Gorge where we did a 2 Gorge cruise. We saw lots of beautiful limestone cliffs and we saw 2 freshwater crocodiles in the river. I took lots of photos! we also saw 2 snakes in the water.

IMG_9774 IMG_9840 IMG_9926 IMG_9865  IMG_9744 IMG_9740 IMG_9765  IMG_9954IMG_9908 IMG_9758 IMG_9737 IMG_9691 IMG_9701IMG_9919

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