Kings Canyon

We stayed at Kings Creek Station. Kings Creek Station is a working cattle and camel station. When we first got to Kings Creek Station, we went to Kings Canyon and did the Kings Creek Walk. At the Kings Creek Walk I enjoyed the rock formations and the colour, the dirt and cliffs were like an orange and red rainbow.  Kings Canyon was formed by cracks in the Earth’s crust that were then slowly eroded away by the weather.

This is unlike Katherine Gorge, where the river caused the cracks first. The next day we did the Rim Walk where we walked round the top of the whole canyon and we climbed up 100m. We saw lots of AMAZING rock formations. Some rocks looked like chocolate bars because they had straight cracks in them, some were shaped like coral and some looked like big hats.

IMG_1171 (3) IMG_1375 IMG_1372 (3) IMG_1383 (1) IMG_1153 IMG_1367 IMG_1124 (1) IMG_1392 (1) IMG_0989 (3) IMG_0954 (3)

At the bottom of the canyon there is a Garden of Eden. We went to the Garden of Eden walk and we went to a very nice spot to have a snack.

IMG_1295 IMG_1297 (3) IMG_1304 (3) IMG_1323

After the canyon, mum and I walked up to the Tank Lookout to see a BEAUTIFUL sunset. The sky was like red, orange and yellow waves crashing onto blue sand.

IMG_1472 IMG_1477 (1) IMG_1478 (1) IMG_1480 (1) IMG_1483 (1) IMG_1487 (1) IMG_1490 (1) IMG_1489

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