Woomera and Port Augusta

Yesterday we arrived in Port Augusta, late in the afternoon, but on the way we stopped at a little place called Woomera. We went to the Rocket Museum where there were bombs, planes and rockets that used to be launched from this place years ago.

 IMG_9717 IMG_9720 IMG_9696 IMG_9714 IMG_9713 IMG_9695

In Port Augusta we took the car through a car wash because it was filthy from all the red dirt of the outback, did some shopping and then went to a lookout where you could see across the Spencer Gulf to the Flinders Ranges.

IMG_9797 IMG_9796 IMG_9807 IMG_9808

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One thought on “Woomera and Port Augusta

  • Nanna

    I have just arrived home and received your new Blogs. You are certainly seeing so many different and interesting places and you all look so happy.

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