Hahndorf and Victor Harbor

On the way to Victor Harbor we stopped at a little town called Hahndorf. There we went to a sweet shop that had fudge as well as sweets. The fudge was so good we had to buy some. We also went to a cuckoo clock shop and the shop also sold music boxes. We bought a little music box. We had lunch in a German pub. Hahndorf is a German town because the Germans settled South Australia without the help of any convicts.

IMG_0322 IMG_0313

The next morning, we were in Victor Harbor, and when I woke up, my dad decided that we should go on the horse drawn tram, but sadly the horse drawn tram wasn’t running because it was too windy. Then we decided to go and walk around Granite Island.

IMG_0361 IMG_0364 IMG_0403 IMG_0388

After that, we had fish and chips and went to The Murray Mouth, where the salt water meets the fresh water.

IMG_0420 IMG_0542 IMG_0530

The day after the Murray Mouth, we FINALLY went on the horse drawn tram. The horse drawn tram goes on a bridge to Granite Island. When I went on it, it felt like a very, very slow train.  They have 5 horses working, and our horse was named Albert. Our next stop is Beachport.

IMG_0468 IMG_0478 IMG_0512 IMG_0515 IMG_0455

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