Pichi Richi and the Barossa

On the way to Barossa we went on the Pichi Richi Railway on a steam train through the Flinders Ranges. It was very pretty.

IMG_9894  IMG_0018IMG_9855  IMG_9906 IMG_9869

After a 2 hours on a train we were back on the road again and our next night was in Barossa Valley. Barossa Valley is famous because of its wine and grape vines. We went to lots of wineries and went to the markets. Tom and I had fun at the wineries playing with the farm dogs and climbing on a big haystack.

IMG_0226 IMG_0174

We also went to mum’s friend’s house and went out to dinner. While we were in the Barossa, we went to the Whispering Wall. This is a dam wall that is curved so you can stand on one side and speak in a whisper to people on the other side and they can hear you. Barossa Valley was very green because it rained a lot.


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