Princess Margaret Rose Cave and Warrnambool

After leaving Mt Gambier, we crossed the Victorian border and went to Princess Margaret Rose Cave. It was really pretty. Unlike Cutta Cutta Caves, it had helitites which are rock formations that grow in every direction and it had huge rocks that looked like a wedding cake and ones that looked like bat wings called shoals. 2 men called Keith and Jack found the cave, when they were on a farm and they came across a hole in the ground.

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After the cave, we went on to Warrnambool where we went to the Flaghill Maritime Village. This place told us a lot about life in the 1800s in fishing and shipping places like Warrnambool.

IMG_1221 (1)  IMG_1179Our guide Ron, made it very interesting. We learned about a mean shipwreck that destroyed a boat called the Loch Ard a long time ago which happened near the 12 Apostles were we are going tomorrow. There was also a precious peacock statue that had washed up from this boat. I also learned that back then, children who were 11-12 were sent to do dirty, hard work.

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We saw a blacksmith at work, a lot of clothes people wore in the old days, what different shops and what school would have been like, and we went up in a lighthouse and fed some ducks.

IMG_1242 IMG_1211

IMG_1259 IMG_1260

We got to climb on a cannon that was fired last night, which let out a mean bang!

IMG_1189 IMG_1194

To get a lighthouse running in those days, they had to run it on oil that came all the way from England and the only way the light would move was if someone stood up there and moved it around. This would have been hard because the light gave off smoke so they had an air vent in the lighthouse.

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