Car Museum and Ben Lomond Skiing

Day 3 in Launceston we went to the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania where they had lots of old, cool cars and motorcycles. My favourite was a Green HQ Holden Monaro. 30 years ago, this car hung over the edge of the Tasman Bridge that a ship had hit, taking down 3 concrete pillars of the bridge.

IMG_3105 IMG_3100 IMG_3087

After the Automobile Museum we went to the City Park and saw the Japanese Monkeys who had very red, sunburnt looking bottoms and faces.


On our last day in Launceston, we drove up to Ben Lomond National Park where there was snow! The drive up the mountain was a bit scary because there were lots of sharp turns and the road was right along the side of a cliff. When we finally reached the top and saw the snow it was very exciting, but when we got out of the car it was very icy and slippery and there was a terrible wind. I was very warm in my ski gear except for my face which felt like it had been in a freezer for an hour. We tried skiing but it was just too windy, they weren’t even doing lessons that day because the snow was just too icy and hard to ski on, so we tobogganed instead. It was great fun, Dad and I went together and went over a jump and we flew through the air and my bottom hurt when we landed again.

IMG_3227 IMG_3196 IMG_3254 IMG_3180

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