Bay of Fires

After leaving Launceston, we drove to St Helens. This is on the North East Coast of Tasmania. The beaches here are very pretty because the water is clear and aqua. We visited the Bay of Fires. It is called this because it is famous for the red lichen which grows on the rocks at the beaches.

IMG_3360 IMG_3355 IMG_3345 IMG_3299 IMG_3361 IMG_3405

At Binnalong Bay we were booked to go on a seal tour but sadly the wind would have made the trip too rough so we went to St Columbo Falls instead. This was 90 m high and very beautiful but noisy.

IMG_3467 IMG_3512

Then Dad took us along a windy gravel road to Ralph Falls, where we had to pass 3 big log trucks. Walking to the lookout Mum and I got scared by a creaking tree that sounded like it was going to fall. This forest walk was like a fairy forest because it had lots of mossy trees and rocks. The lookout was a bit scary because it was off the side of a cliff and there were lots of clouds swishing around us because we were so high up. These falls were over 100m tall!

IMG_3543 IMG_3535 IMG_3536 IMG_3555

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