When we arrived in Hobart, we drove over the Tasman Bridge (the same one that was hit by the boat 30 years go) and went up to the top of Mt Wellington. As soon as we got there it snowed and it was freezing. On Tom’s birthday, we went to Richmond and saw the oldest bridge in Australia that the convicts built and went to the oldest gaol in Australia, the Richmond Gaol.

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We also visited ZooDoo and got to feed lions and emus, pat a zebra, camel, snake and lace monitor. We watched a Tassie Devil being feed and even got to see it 2 joeys. I thought the lions were beautiful and the zebras were nice and soft.

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We also visited the Cascade Female Factory which was a female convict prison. I really liked this, and we had a guided tour and watched a play by professional actors pretending to be a convict and overseer in the 1800s. I learnt that if you were a convict and you do something naughty like talk back, you could have been punished with time in a dark cell or have to wear the iron collar. This was like a spiky, 9 pound metal dog collar and you were expected to work and sleep in it and it would rub on your neck making it bleed. Another punishment was being put in a work cell by yourself where you had to pick oakem.


Oakem is a rope that is covered in tar and you had to pick the tar off to so the rope fibres could be used for ship building, bricks or mattress stuffing. By the end of the day when you finished 5 pounds of rope, your hands would be bleeding. The women in the factory had to do sewing, washing and if they were well behaved they were sent outside the prison to be people’s servants. At first I thought it wouldn’t be too bad being a woman convict, but then I heard about the iron collar!

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2 thoughts on “Hobart

  • Nanna

    No, I don’t think you would have liked to be a female convict. I liked the miniature village, but the highlight must have been your visit to the ZooDoo. Not many Zoos allow you to get so close to the animals and touch them. How many great memories you will have on your Blog.

  • Lorna

    I ‘m glad you enjoyed learning the history of our great country. I ‘m sure I wouldn’t have like to have been a convict, it was a pretty hard life. love the blog

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