Back in Victoria

The next day it was time to go back to the mainland, so we drove to Devonport but on the way we stopped at 2 small, very old towns. The first one was called Oatlands where there was an old mill. The second town was called Ross and it is famous for its beautiful bridge. The convicts carved the stones on the bridge and 2 of them did such a good job they were set free. We hopped on the Spirit of Tasmania to get back to Melbourne and the next day we drove straight to Echuca.


Echuca was the largest inland port in Australia and it is on the Murray River which separates Victoria from NSW. It flows all the way to Victor Harbor in SA (where we went earlier on our trip)! We visited the old port and Dad and I went on a horse coach ride. Being pulled by 2, pretty, grey Clydesdale horses was very relaxing. We also went on a peaceful paddle steamer called the Emmylou. We went up the Murray River and had lunch on board. Paddle steamers were used a lot in the olden days to take wool, timber and other things up and down the river because there was no railway.

IMG_5298 IMG_5304 IMG_5287 IMG_5271 IMG_5321 IMG_5326 IMG_5330 IMG_5339 IMG_5391 IMG_5377

After Echuca, we went to Glenrowan, where the bush ranger Ned Kelly was captured. He was famous for wearing a metal bucket on his head. Then we went on to Beechworth, which was another town that Ned Kelly roamed through, before arriving in Mt Beauty.

IMG_5424 IMG_5435

While we stayed in Mt Beauty, we went to Falls Creek Snow Resort. This was fantastic and very pretty, better than Ben Lomond in Tasmania. We went tobogganing, built an igloo, up a chair lift, rode on a snow mobile and went on the snow tube slide. My favourite parts was driving the snowmobile and going on the tube.

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One thought on “Back in Victoria

  • Nanna

    Have always wanted to go on the Padddle steamer, it must have been very interesting. The day at Falls Creek must have been one of the best days you have had on your trip. You are having the most fabulous time.

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