Stockman’s Hall of Fame and QANTAS Founder’s Museum – 26 June 2016

After arriving at the Longreach caravan park we discovered that the caravan park had something that no other caravan park had. It had a pool and a spa, but they did not have heaters and it was freezing so we did not swim. Then it was time to rest. The next morning dad planed a trip to the Stockman’s Hall of Fame. Outside the door, was a man with his steer named Ollie and he was talking about him he also had a dog named Henry. As we entered, we were given a map by the worker so we were looking at things at the museum for 1h fore going to see the show. The show was really funny and educational. Something funny was that he (Lachie the Cowboy) said “to test to find out which loves you more, put your dog and your wife in the boot of a car and lock it. Then after 30 min, open the boot as see who is happier to see you”.

Also at the end he was riding a big 1-ton bull. He also rode and showed us Ernie (a horse) Ruby (a horse) Gibson (another horse) and a donkey (the laziest one of them all) also some dogs and sheep. This was my favorite part of the Stockman’s Hall of Fame. Next on the list for that day was the QANTAS Founder’s Museum. When we arrived after having lunch we were all excited because there was a simulator but we found out that it was not working, so we looked around and then finally it was working and I had a go.  But this was not the end because we all went to another building that looked like it was a woolshed. When we were in the ‘woolshed’ my sister and I went in the very first plane to have a toilet and that was the end of the day by the time we got back.


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