Dinosaurs in the Outback – 28 June 2016

Today we arrived in Winton, the dinosaur capital of Australia. The place stunk because the whole town is on bore water from the “Great Artesian Basin” and the shower was cold. Then we were ‘going back to the age of dinosaurs’ not really, but we were seeing the Age of Dinosaur’s Museum in Winton. Did you know that Australia has its own dinosaurs? There are three main types of dinos found here, the almighty Elliot, named after the person who found it on his farm, sticking out of the ground, Matilda named after a song, and Banjo who was a meat eating predator named after Banjo Patterson who wrote Waltzing Matilda. After seeing all we could see, we were stampeding off to see the dinosaur stampede at Lark Quarry, arriving late in the afternoon. The story goes that two types of dinosaurs were having a drink, the chicken dinosaur and the about a 100 times larger chicken dinosaur. Then a large carnivorous dinosaur came down to try to eat lunch and they all stampeded, leaving the footprints that we can see today. There were over 3000 footprints left in the mud. These footprints were first found by an opal miner about 50 years ago, but they were kept a secret for about 10 years because he didn’t want anyone to know he was mining there. Then a group of scientists removed lots of rock on the opposite hill and discovered the stampede. So then they built a big roof over it to protect it from the elements, but kangaroos like a little bit of shade and they pooped and weed on the footprints. Then they put hay down on the footprints to protect them while they built some metal framework around it, but it turned out that welders and hay don’t go very well together and the hay caught on fire! Then a crazy woman poured plaster of Paris into one of the footprints to try and get a mold to keep for herself, so then they tried to build rammed earth walls around the site to protect it but one of these then collapsed onto the footprints too! So people have nearly destroyed the footprints that have been around for 95 million years in about 30 years. Tomorrow we will be off to see Mount Isa Where there is Wi-Fi.

IMG_9311 IMG_9315 IMG_9347 IMG_9348 IMG_9338 IMG_9340 IMG_9344 IMG_9368 IMG_9369 IMG_9392 IMG_9400 IMG_9403

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