Bitter Springs and Katherine Gorge

On the way to Katherine we stopped at Bitter Springs where we all went and floated down the relaxing 34 degrees stream. It was so relaxing we did it 4 times. The water travels from deep under the Barkly Tablelands and comes out of the earth at this spot. Then we stopped at Katherine Gorge for the night. In the morning we journeyed out to Cutta Cutta Caves but it turned out that someone had fallen and the ambulance was there so we couldn’t go. Instead we went back to the campgrounds and swam in the pool until we went on our 2 gorge cruise. This was interesting and the guide told us some Dreamtime stories and we saw 2 freshwater crocodiles and 3 snakes.

  This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

IMG_9674 IMG_9709  IMG_9722 IMG_9754IMG_9733 IMG_9787 IMG_9810 IMG_9829

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