Cutta Cutta and the Crocs

The morning after the morning that we went to Cutta Cutta Caves, we went back to Cutta Cutta Caves and we had a tour around the cave. Did you know the caves was actually made from billions of dead sea animals making limestone deposits which was then slowly eroded away to make the caves today? The guide said that int he wet season, the whole cave system floods and this continues to erode it. Also when you see two aboriginal words together it means place of many ……… and Cutta Cutta means place of many stars and it also turns out place of many stalactites (ones that hang). Do you know that stalactites grow 1mm a year?  After the Cutta Catta Caves, we drove to Humpty Doo just south of Darwin where we went on the original crocodile jumping cruise. It turns out that what I thought would be a cruise ship, was actually an oversized dinghy with a lot of seats and I was sitting at the back where the man said that the crocodiles would come so do not stick any body parts over the side otherwise they could be eaten. On the crocodile cruise the biggest croc in the river was named Agro and he was 6.1m long. The guide said crocs can survive on 1 chicken a week but they will keep eating if you give them food. He also gave us safety advice such as where the life jackets were kept, but he said that he would not be using one because crocodiles are attracted to bright colours and if he ended up in the river, he would swim away from the people with bright colours on their shirts. It was good.

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