Garden of Eden and Kings Canyon

We arrived late in the in the afternoon at Kings Canyon, and since we did not have enough time to do the Rim Walk, we went on the less exciting Creek Walk and got to listen to the sound of Ruby doing coo-ee. Then next morning, unlike the day before, it was freezing and the day reached a top of eleven degrees, and we are in the desert for crying out loud! Today we went on the Rim Walk, which was 6km long around the very top of the entire canyon. It was spectacular.

IMG_1385 (1)  IMG_1377 (2)  IMG_1288 (2) IMG_1278 (2) IMG_1354 (2) IMG_1348 (2)IMG_1327 (2)IMG_1295 (3)IMG_1334 (2)

Did you know, that unlike the Katherine Gorge,  Kings Canyon was not made from a river? In fact, a crack formed in the Earth’s crust and it was eroded away over millions of years. While we were in Kings Canyon we went to the Garden of Eden, where we did not eat the forbidden fruit, but ate chocolate and then continued our journey. Tomorrow we are off again to Yulara.

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