Uluru and Kata Tjuta

We have spotted it! No, wait, it is the fake Uluru. It is really Mt Connor but 3 hours later we saw the real Uluru in all its glory, but we could not go up close to see it because it is night and we arrived late again. After a good night’s sleep, we went exploring the park. On our way to see the Kata Tjuta, which I now know is the rock next to Uluru, we were all made to pay to enter the park. After arriving at Kata Tjuta we had to go through the Valley of the Winds which was very windy and very cold. After this, we began the round walk which went around the 36 domes. It was splendid, and since it had rained recently it was all green and colourful. The next day we went for a bike ride around Uluru. This as 10 km. Even though it was epic, Mum thinks that Kings Canyon was better. After that exciting day we all relaxed until the next day when we went on the sunset camel ride. On the sunset camel ride, we had a spectacular view of Uluru and the sunset, but it was cold so when we got back they had prepared food and drinks. After gorging ourselves on damper, we got a call from Nanna and Papa from Narrogin in WA, and then we discovered that they were in the same caravan park as us on their way to Cape York! So we went and visited them on our last night before waving good bye the next morning.

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