Coober Pedy and Woomera

Soon after Uluru, actually 9 hours after Uluru, we arrived in Coober Pedy.


There, we did many things like eat pizza and go on a self-guided tour around the Old Timer’s Mine where we saw lots of opals, how they mined and also how they lived under ground to avoid the summer’s heat, which can reach 45 degrees Celsius.

IMG_2334 IMG_2302IMG_2293IMG_2303  IMG_2295IMG_2347


Along with this, we noodled for opals in a dump heap, but we didn’t find any opal, just some interesting rocks.


That afternoon we journeyed out to the Breakaways. We helped some poor people who had a flat tyre and then went to the lookout to watch the sunset.


The next day we drove to Port Augusta, via Woomera – where Australia used to run its rocket launching program. They were launching rockets to trial missiles, launch satellites and as part of global environmental research. In its prime, there were 3000 people including American Defence force people living in Woomera, but now only 150 people live there, and there are 10 kids at the school with 2 teachers, but they still have lots of facilities.           IMG_9705IMG_9700     IMG_9712IMG_9721 IMG_9716  IMG_9715

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