Limestone Coast and Mount Gambier

When we left Victor Harbor, we traveled south along the Coorong and stopped at a point called Hell’s Gate. The Coorong is where the book Stormboy was set and it is a big stretch water that is behind large sand dunes. It is an important area for 240 different types of birds come here to breed each year.

IMG_0535 IMG_0532 IMG_0531

We stopped at Beachport where we relaxed and slept ini till 9am before going on to Mt Gambier. Mt Gambier is home to two volcanic lakes the Blue Lake and the Valley Lake. Even though it is in its name, the Blue Lake is only blue in summer because of the calcium crystals.

IMG_0899 IMG_0905 IMG_0942 IMG_0967 IMG_0915 IMG_0974 IMG_0987

In Mt Gambier we also saw sink holes which form by water eroding the rock under the ground and this then collapses the ground eventually making a sink hole. One of these sinkholes had a garden planted in it in about 1900 it was called the Umpherston Sink Hole Garden. I think it was very exotic and tranquil.


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