Great Ocean Road

On our third day at Warrnambool we went to the Great Ocean Road and we were surprised that it started nowhere near the sea. After finally reaching the sea, the first stop was Bay of Islands which, as the title states, is a spectacular bay of islands. Shortly after this, we stopped at Bay of Martyrs which is just around the cliff from Bay of Islands.

IMG_1303 IMG_1285 IMG_1348 IMG_1278

Then, in only a couple of minutes, we were at the site of the Schomberg which was one of the fastest ships in those days and it ran aground on a clear day because the captain was too busy playing cards.The next thing on our list is the thing that mum thought was the best, the peaceful Grotto.

IMG_1382IMG_1398  IMG_1360

Adjacent to the Grotto is the London Bridge, which has fallen down but sadly was never rebuilt because the rock that forms it has been eroded away. Also at the London Bridge the shore use to be 300m out but it has been eroded away over the last six thousand years. Then it was off to the London Bridge’s identical twin brother, The Arch, which was also made by erosion. By then, we were all hungry so we stopped at Port Campbell. Then we were exploring Loch Ard Gorge, where the Loch Ard ran aground and there were only 2 survivors.

IMG_1561 IMG_1559 IMG_1544 IMG_1536 IMG_1539 IMG_1566 IMG_1573

Can you guess what is next, there was 12 of them and now there are nine. It was the 12 Apostles, and they were spectacular!

IMG_1616 IMG_1635 IMG_1596 IMG_1598

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