Apollo Bay and Great Otway Ranges

While staying at Apollo Bay we went to the Otway Ranges and went on the jungle walk which was peaceful and relaxing until we went up the tower which saw us up in the treetops, 47m from the ground.

IMG_1850 IMG_1857 IMG_1835

We also walked out onto the counter lever (which means it doesn’t have any supports under it) which is supposed to hold the weight of 14 elephants but it still wobbled. Even though these were frightening, the rainforest walk was relaxing and wet.

Some of the trees in the Ranges are Mountain Ash and they grow up to 100m tall and live for about 300 years. In the early days, people used to cut these trees down for timber but now they are protected.

IMG_1890 IMG_1814 IMG_1819

After the rainforest, we went to Triplet Falls which were loud and there were lots of ferns. After this, we went to the Californian Redwood Forest where Ruby and I played hid and seek.  These big trees were planted in 1939, hard to believe they were so big.

IMG_1978 IMG_1987

We also traveled to Lorne, “a town of natural beauty” the sign said, it was ok but not as nice as Apollo Bay. At lunch we saw a heap of yellow crested cockatoos which acted like ibis trying to steal our food.

During our stay at Apollo Bay we saw whales, and lots of them. They were mostly just lazing around but we did see their tails and flippers and one actually jumped out of the water. Southern Right Whales come close to the coast here to have their calves. People used to kill these whales and they only needed small boats to hunt them because they are pretty slow moving and they float when they are killed so they can be towed back to shore easily.


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  • Paul Moloney

    Tom, you are certainly getting around!! I apologise it’s taken so long for me to comment; it has been extremely busy here at school. All is going well with 6M. Today is the Ekka holiday and tomorrow is the book parade so it will be interesting to see which costumes get an airing!!!

    I will be showing the boys your blog on Friday. I hope you continue to have a great holiday.
    Best wishes
    Mr. Moloney

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