Tasmania At Last

After everything to do at Apollo Bay was done, we headed to the capital of Victoria, which is Melbourne, but we did not stay long. We all left on the Spirit of Tasmania. It was due at six o’clock Sunday night, but it did not arrive until 8pm and it took even longer to board. After a long night at sea, we finally arrived at Devonport, Tasmania.

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Uncle Kelvin and Auntie Jan are lamb farmers  just near a town called Wynyard in NW Tasmania and we stayed at their place. They have the best tasting lamb I have ever tasted. We also got to see the sheep being fed and as a treat, Uncle Kelvin took us to see the waterfall which is at the back of his farm. After this, we saw sink holes and got to watch sausages being made. We also we got to see cows being milked later that afternoon at the neighbour’s place but we only got to peek through the door because if they saw us, the cows would get nervous and excrete some inappropriate discharges … not milk.


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On our second day at Uncle Kelvin and Auntie Jan’s place, we went to Dip Falls which was spectacular and had many hexagonal shaped stones and rocks which looked very similar to a bee’s hive. Just up the road from this, was “The Big Tree which is 16m around the base but it is only 65m high, which is only average for this type of stringybark tree. Then it was off to “The Nut” which is a massive basalt monolith that is standing on the edge of the ocean. It gives a 360-degree view of everything in sight. We had to climb up because the chair lift was not working. On the way up, the wind was really cold but once we got to the top, it was spectacular. After lunch, it was off to “The Edge of the World” which is the most north-west point of Tasmania but it started to rain and the waves started bashing the rocks so we left.



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On our final day at Uncle Kelvin and Auntie Jan’s place, Mum and Dad took us to Tasmazia which is a place that had a number of massive hedge mazes. We spent hours in it and it was really exciting. At different points of the maze, there were jokes and little houses. Later that same day, we went to Cradle Mountain. This is where we saw snow for the first time that I can remember, and it was so much fun we got to play in this massive pile in the car park and it actually started to snow on us when we were at the lake which looks up to the mountain. As we pulled out of the car park to go home, we spotted a wombat trotting down the road.




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