Launceston, Tamar Valley and Ben Lomond

We said goodbye to Uncle Kelvin and Auntie Jan and traveled to Launceston. Soon after our arrival, we went to Cataract Gorge where we traveled by chair lift across the South Esk River, which in flood can reach the chair lift. We walked up the gorge to where we could see the city and then we went back to cross the Alexandra Suspension Bridge which was 100 years old and it wobbled and felt very unstable.

IMG_2713 IMG_2712 IMG_2745

On the chairlift ride back, we sighted 3 peacocks and Ruby wouldn’t stop swinging on the chairlift.


The next day we drove up the West side of the Tamar Valley to Beauty Point.

We visited Seahorse World which is a world of seahorses. Here they breed seahorses and sell them to pet shops and aquariums. They used to see them to Asia for medicines and food but they stopped this some time ago. Seahorse World was very interesting and James our guide knew a lot about them. We all know that the male seahorse gives birth to the babies and in the tanks they had over 1000 babies. When the seahorses became teenagers they got put into the next tank.  They breed pot-belly seahorses particularly. They also had other fish, a giant Tasmanian Crab (second largest in the world) which weighed about 10kg and we even got to meet “Dinner” the lobster. We also got to hold some of the seahorses. Seahorse World happens to be just beside Platypus World which has platypuses and echidnas. The platypuses were very fat and busy, never sitting still long enough to get a good photo. Even though it was called Platypus World, my favorite was the echidnas as we were able to sit in with them while they ate all their food. They were adorable.

IMG_2874 IMG_2855 IMG_2880 IMG_2883 IMG_2877 IMG_2890 IMG_2904 IMG_2935 IMG_2991


On the way home, we stopped at the Beaconsfield Mine. This gold mine collapsed about 10 years ago and 3 people were trapped. One of the miners was killed in the rock fall but the other two survived but were trapped nearly 1km underground for 2 weeks. Eventually they were rescued and on the day they got out of the mine, they walked out and went to the pub. The mine was reopened but later on it closed again because it was no longer profitable and now the town relies on tourism.

IMG_2831 IMG_3059 IMG_3050

On our second day in Launceston, we went to the farmer’s market where we saw Uncle Kelvin and Auntie Jan. Then we visited the City Gardens which holds foreign pests, Japanese Macaque monkeys. Then Dad and Ruby wanted to go to the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania. This had loads of old cars and motorbikes, this was as boring as I thought it would be but I still had some photos taken just to annoy Ruby and Mum.




On our last day in Launceston, we decided to go to the snow and drove to Ben Lomond National Park and Ski Field. This was so much fun, it was the best fun I have had in at least 1 day, until the blizzard came and it became blizzardy. It was too blizzardy to ski even though we tried, so we tobogganed instead. The road up the mountain was very windy and scary.

IMG_3197 IMG_3223

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