Next we arrived at the capital, Hobart. While in Hobart we went to Mt Wellington. On top of Mt Wellington, the weather changed really quick and it was all freezing and snowing.

IMG_4518 IMG_4486

The next day it was my birthday and for it, I got dragged out of bed and we all went to Richmond where we saw this boring bridge that was built by convicts and then we went to the oldest gaol in Australia, the Richmond Gaol and bought a cat-o-nine-tails whip. On a more positive note we went to a really good place and ate lunch as well as a model village of Hobart in the 1830s.

IMG_4642 IMG_4549 IMG_4619 IMG_4691 IMG_4693 IMG_4701

The next day we went to Zoodoo which was fabulous and epic because it was very interactive and we got to hand feed lions. I enjoyed Zoodoo.

IMG_4738 IMG_4843 IMG_4961 IMG_5002 IMG_5039 IMG_5098

Then we went to the Cascade Female Factory where we went on a tour and saw a play. This was one of the female convict sites where 10 000 of the 25 000 female convicts were sent to on arriving at Australia. It seems that the treatment of women convicts wasn’t as harsh as the men. The next day we all went to the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) to see a machine that poos at 2pm every day. There were other strange things that people called art there, but this was the highlight for me.

IMG_5159  IMG_5178 IMG_5157

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