Back on the Mainland

The next day we went to Devonport, where we arrived in Tasmania, and where we left from. After a 9 hour boat trip, we drove all the way to Echuca, which is on the border between Victoria and NSW, and guess what! Our caravan park was on the NSW side of the Murray River. Did you know that Echuca used to be the largest inland port in Australia? After a night’s rest, we went on a paddle steamer and it had the best food in the town.


IMG_5358 IMG_5352 IMG_5331 IMG_5313 IMG_5327

The Murray River is the main river in Australia extending from the Snowy Mountains through to SA, which we visited earlier when we went to the Mouth of the Murray. Paddle steamers were used to transport goods and people up the river and they were very efficient because they don’t have a deep draft so they can still run even with the changing river conditions and depths. The next day, it was off to Glenrowan. Glenrowan was where Ned Kelly made his final stand and was captured. Ned Kelly was a bushranger who was very popular with the local people because he was quite a gentleman, and he had saved a young boy from a well when he was young, but he was hated by the police because he often made fun of them.  He was sentenced to hanging even though 32000 people signed a petition to have him excused because the police and judges had it in for him. We did all the tours and things before going on to Beechworth, which is also in Kelly Country before arriving in Mt Beauty.

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We drove up to Falls Creek for the day and it was far better than the snow in Tasmania.  We tobogganed, built an igloo, had snowball fights, got to ride on snowmobiles and spent time on the snow tube slide.  This was awesome because it went really fast and you could spin and go backwards.

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We didn’t try skiing because the ski conditions weren’t good and when we went back down the mountain, it started to rain and then we received a report that said flash flooding was expected in the Falls Creek area, particularly in our caravan park, where we happen to be right next to what was a trickling creek, which turned into a raging river.

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4 thoughts on “Back on the Mainland

  • Gloria

    Tom, you are having the most marvellous time. Every day is so much fun. Mum and Dad are making sure you see and do everything interesting, everywhere you go. Loved the igloo you built. I love reading your Blogs, they will be wonderful memories to keep, when you come home.

  • Paul Moloney

    Dear Tom,

    The boys have just had a look at your blog in the middle of doing our science presentations. The boys were wondering why you are wearing a jumper in the middle of the desert. Kuda asked that you bring some souvenirs and TJ asked that you do a picture with a “dab”. Joel asked that you start wearing different shirts in your pictures.

    We all look forward to your return in term 4 even though some of the boys have said that they would like to stay where you are. I think/hope/pray that they are only joking! I think they are! All the best
    Braden has now said that he is the best but we all know that isn’t the case!!!

  • Lorna

    Loved reading about your adventures and seeing all the wonderful photos

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